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Graphite exploration and development phases

The following are the phases of graphite mining exploration and development:


Field reconnaissance has provided for high confidence to conclude that the Carbon Noir prospect areas have great potential to host similar graphite deposit results as reported by graphite exploration companies in the region. Carbon Noir graphite prospect sites have potential exploration target of between 3.5Mt and 7Mt of graphitic schist grading between 10% and 15.5% carbon.

According to local villagers, artisanal miners spent time in the bushes excavating for graphite for decorating cooking pots in an undisclosed location on Mahenge prospect. However, the work was abandoned due to difficult access. There is no uncertainty that the Carbon Noir exploration sites possess fertile graphite bearing structures due to the presence of graphitic rock sub-crops and reported excavations in the bushes. Regional geophysics and regional lineament interpretations suggest similar geological features to the Carbon Noir exploration sites.