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Carbon Noir Life is driven by its mission of delivering sustainable solutions that provide for the continuous improvement of social, economic and environmental conditions in economically challenged communities around the world. Carbon Noir Life establishes strong relationships for synergy among communities, government organizations, local organizations and the private sector to promote evidence-based approaches for sustainable solutions that improve quality of life.

Each Carbon Noir Life project involves a multi-disciplinary team – healthcare specialists, community planners, anthropologists, sociologists and stakeholder partners – a powerful convergence of individual talents, perspectives and voices. Wherever we are in the world, here’s what inspires us: Breaking new ground and leading in thinking. Never accepting the status quo. Impacting communities and making a difference in peoples lives. Collaborating within our unique think-tank culture.

We are passionate about our work and work passionately together in our areas of expertise:

  • Social Development;

  • Infrastructure and Construction;

  • Community Development;

  • Housing;

  • Emergency Response;

  • Health Management;