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Carbon Noir Corporation Limited has formed a world-class team of industrial minerals mining, marketing and R&D professionals that is driven with the focus of the establishment of low-cost, vertically integrated operations for the mining, processing and upgrading of high-purity, large-flake natural graphite.

Carbon Noir recognizes the critical importance of effective planning, marketing and teamwork in the hyper-competitive global marketplace. We are committed to attaining the highest levels of corporate, financial, technical, environmental and socially-responsible standards while executing a winning strategy that will exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.

Commitment to Sustainability and Environment

Carbon Noir projects are always sharply focused on sustainability (Environment, Economy, Socio-cultural and Political) as a long-term, fully integrated business approach. Throughout its operations, Carbon Noir always actively designs and integrates sustainable practices into all of its initiatives. For Carbon Noir, the positive economic development realized from its sustainable practices is equally as important as the resultant social, cultural and environmental benefits.

Carbon Noir defines specific initiatives that provide the necessary infrastructure, technology, operations and knowledge for the establishment of sustainable world-class solutions that address local environmental and quality of life issues. These environmental solutions assist in re-positioning regions as environmental leaders and greatly improves the immediate and long-term quality of life locally.

Carbon Noir operates as a "green energy” company and will at all times use the best practices possible for exploration, mining, milling, product production and the sale mining resources. This mandate involves use of renewable energy sources and conservation wherever possible; the most effective forms of water treatment; and sustainable practices that take all measures to retain and restore the natural environments.

Fact Sheet

Carbon Noir Corp. is a privately held company with the primary focus of investing in the resource sector through:

  • Direct tenement acquisition;

  • Joint ventures;

  • New project generation.

Carbon Noir Corp. has been focused on graphite and rare earth projects as its primary targets for generating value for Shareholders.