CARBON NOIR CORPORATION LIMITED (“Carbon Noir”) is a junior resource and exploration company with highly prospective mining assets in Tanzania, Africa. Carbon Noir is committed to the exploration and development of its excellent graphite reserves while operating with a focus on social responsibility, the environment and sustainability.

Graphite is critical in the manufacturing of a wide variety of new consumer and industrial technologies from lithium ion batteries used in electric vehicles to nuclear reactors. Graphite and graphene are revolutionary materials that could change everything in the 21st century. With an ever-increasing demand, rising prices and decreases in supply, graphite is considered by many to be the new “black gold”.

Tanzania World-class Graphite

Carbon Noir is fast-tracking its exploration programs in Tanzania with the aim of developing world-class mining operations for industrial and technology-grade graphite. The Carbon Noir exploration site is rich in high-purity, large-flake natural graphite.

Graphite Technology Revolution

Graphite has strong industrial growth and it has strong incremental demand in emerging technology sectors. Li-Ion batteries, nuclear pebble bed reactors and eventually fuel cells will all add to the demand curve for graphite over the next decade and beyond. Graphite is also at the center of a 21st century revolution in technology with graphene, the two-dimensional wonder material that will change how we view physics forever.